Saturday, June 21, 2008

A fun afternoon.

The boys and I took some time this afternoon to have some fun. Despite having mountains of laundry to do, the boys and I went to the pool. We have a family pool pass to the Marion pool, mostly used for the boys and their daycare (they go 3 times a week). With the week that we had, I figured it'd be a fun break to take them today.

We got all sunscreened up here at home, and loaded into the truck and headed to the pool. This afternoon was beautiful - sunny and clear - perfect to splash around. In the past, I've been really nervous about the boys swimming. Today relieved any fears I've had.

The boys passed the deep end test at the pool their first week of daycare. I was a bit relieved that the lifeguards said they can swim well. Today, when we went, I got to see for my own eyes how well they do. They've gotten really good at swimming!

They spent the afternoon doing funny jumps off of the diving board - spending most of their time there. They ran into some friends from school, and got silly with them. They came over to me, just to make sure I saw the dives they were doing. I spent all of my time dry, and relaxed on a towel, watching my boys have a blast.

It was a good afternoon, and quite relaxing. I feel much more at peace seeing how well they handle the water. I probably should have never doubted to begin with - but I joke with them that since I'm their mom, it's my job to worry. to tackle that mountain of laundry......


Eric Deeter said...

Sounds like a great day. I'm glad they have learned to swim well so they can have fun off the diving board.