Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baseball, baseball, and more baseball...

Michael has been really good about blogging, and I've been quite the slacker. I keep trying to think of things to blog about, but really, right now we're in a season of running. Jake's baseball schedule is quite full, which leads to most of our time spent at either games, or Michael and Jake at practice.

We were at a game this past Thursday (as usual) and Jake did great! We lost the game, but I was so proud of Jake and all that he did to help out his team. He played 3rd base for the second time this season, and really stepped up his game. He caught a hit ball to get an out, almost tagged out a runner stealing 3rd, and hit really well all night. The thing that most impressed me about the night happened after the game.

A kid from Jake's school was there, watching his big brother play at an adjacent diamond. Dalton is a nice enough kid, but isn't the most popular. He was on Jake's team last year, and talked a big talk, but rarely played like he said everyone else should. Because of his "do as I say" attitude, he doesn't have a whole lot of friends at school. Jake, however, has made several comments about how people just need to get to know him, and he's a really funny guy. I can tell that Jake sees his heart, more than he sees this kid's need to fit in. Apparently, when Dalton came over to watch Jake's team play ball, most of the kids told him to "get lost".

After the game was done, we were all walking to our car. Dalton was walking with Jake, and chit-chatting along the way. I overheard their conversation, and I about started to cry right then and there.

"How come you didn't tell me to get lost like all the other kids did?" Dalton asked Jake.

"Because you're my friend" Jake replied, in a very serious tone.

"But Jared's my friend, and even he told me to get lost." Dalton told him, sounding very hurt.

"I would never do that to you, you're my friend" Jake reassured him, and then went on to say something silly to make his friend laugh.

Hearing that Jake was kind, and hearing him tell his friend that he respects him was so wonderful. I couldn't help but feel proud of him at that moment. It topped all the accomplishments he made during the game - and was a much more valuable skill.

It's so awesome to see my boys grow into amazing men.


Dana said...

Awwww!!!!! That is so awesome. You guys have raised quite a special young man!

Elan said...

Character counts, no matter if you're a kid or a grown-up. I wish more people had the kind of character that Jake displayed to his friend. Jake, you're a true hero!