Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flood 2008 - Part 4

Well... I'm finally home for the first time since Saturday at 10:30am. I'm sending a few e-mails of things I forgot to take care of this evening at the "office". I'll be heading to bed and then hopefully get up early enough to get back to the Emergency Operations Center by 9am (or so)... I'm now the manager of an entire web team for the new website ( and need to communicate with them in the morning and get ready for what needs to be completed tomorrow. I hope to get to the new Pro Video office by 12:30 pm or so to take care of some business needs for the office relocation... then head back down to the EOC for more meetings and web site needs.

Here's a picture of me from about 12:30 pm today. I was getting pretty tired since I had only slept 2 hours last night and that sleep was on a nylon cot with no pillow or blanket. Thankfully, my lovely wife brought me a change of clothes which made my afternoon much more comfortable than it could have been. She also gave me a nice shoulder rub which helped my tension headache to settle down (and also prevented me of taking advantage of the Cedar Rapids mayor's proposal of a shoulder rub).

Here's me now... going to bed.

Good night.