Friday, August 8, 2008

I know....It's been a while......

Dana informed me the other day that she was disappointed every time she checks our blog - because she was hoping for an update.....well sis - here ya go. :)

I really, honestly, don't know where to start. It's been a chaotic summer, to say the least. Here it is, August already. I just got done pouring over the boys school supply lists in preparation for shopping for backpack filling tomorrow. The boys start school in 2 weeks! Where has the summer gone?

I've been a bit silent of late, wanting to write on here, and have had every intention to do so. Several things have been keeping me from converting intention to action. One major obstacle I've had is my laptop went through a couple weeks of misbehaving. I got to know the infamous "blue screen" too well. Michael has done some tweaking, deleting, reinstalling, and just touching the laptop (he has a knack of walking by something, and it works), and things have been running smoother. I also have been getting most of my inspiration for things to write late at night. I really need to get a note pad for my nightstand so I can write down my thoughts. I think the biggest reason I've been absent, however, is that I've really been dealing with internal issues these last few months. Pray for me, if you happen to think of it. I've struggled for years with some issues, and I'm finding them creeping up again. I'm praying that it's just God working in me, trying to clean me out - and not the enemy trying to discourage me. Either way - it's been a rough couple of months personally.

On the family front - everything is going wonderfully! The boys are busy being boys (and let me tell you - they STINK after playing outside all day in the summer!) Michael is adjusting to his new work environment (although his work situation is still quite fluid), and the summer is almost over. We are constantly amazed at how much the boys are growing and changing. Chris is really starting to stretch out and get taller. Jake is now having to get his shoes in the Men's Department (and he's so very proud of that fact). Where did the time go???? They were babies just yesterday!

The boys manage to make us laugh every day with their unique outlook on life. Jake told us a couple weeks ago, that he's been thinking about what to name his kids. He thought that one of them should be named Pace. His logic is that when his toddler wants to be picked up, he can teach him/her to say "Daddy....pick up the Pace." Christopher's mind amazes me, his logic and common sense is well developed for a boy so young. I had to laugh the other day when he was telling me about one of the lead Lego guys in the city he was building is "an engineer and construction worker." I'm thinking he may be predestined for such a position in life.

Well, this blog is a little more random that usual, but that's kind of how my mind is working at the moment. We're off tonite to do a family night. Gotta love the cheap theater!


Eric Deeter said...

Thanks for writing. I too look forward to your posts. You are on my subscription list so I get notified when you post. We will keep you in our prayers. I think God is always working on our hearts, even when we aren't aware of it. There is a song that talks about how what God does inside feels like chaos. I pray that His peace will be there as well.

Dana said...

Thanks for the update!!! I love hearing about how you guys are doing! I miss you!!

Grandpa said...

Heather, it's good to hear from you again. Thanks for writing and for letting us know how you're doing. You are in our prayers daily.

Grandpa D