Sunday, December 2, 2007

Random Thoughts for your Sunday

Driving back and forth to work now, I take a different route. Seeing the new sceniery has stirred 2 random thoughts every morning. I'm probably wierd for thinking this way, but these 2 things really bug me. Like baby squirrels, these seem to be things that are never seen. You know (at least one) of them exist, but I have yet to witness them personally.

I've never seen the price change on the gas station signs. They change, almost daily. But I've never seen it. This bugs me to no end! It's not only the fact that normally, the price goes down after filling up (I filled up on the way to work on Friday, and of course on my way home, the price was 2 cents less), it's just that I've never seen it happen. I wonder how they deal with customers filling up at the moment they want to change price - do they charge them according to what it was when they started? Or are they charged half and half? I don't know! On the list of things that I want to see before I die, I include seeing a gas station sign changing price before my eyes!

The other thing that I've noticed on the way to work are church names. If the church is named a number, it's always the first one. Always. First Lutheran Church. First Presbyterian Church. First Assembly of God. Now I know I haven't traveled that much in my lifetime, but this seems to be a common trend. I've never seen the 45th Church of the Nazarene. How does everyone get to be the first? Maybe I just haven't seen enough to know that there may be a "Second" somewhere.

I know, I'm goofy. :)


Florence and Gary Deeter said...


Haven't you heard of gas station elves? And, just so you know, there is a Second Baptist Church in Topeka, located in North Topeka. There is also a Second Presbyterian Church further north. First Baptist and First Presbyterian are big churches; Second Baptist is a black church, and Second Pres used to be right across from North Topeka Baptist, then they moved to the suburbs.

Elan said...

You are right - there are many quirky things in this world. Speaking of numbers, have you seen the Third Fifth Bank? It's a real bank, and I have always wondered if there's a First or Second Fifth bank, or if there's a Second, Third or Fourth bank. It's so weird!

Eric Deeter said...

I've heard divorced men talk about their "second wife". I always wondered how she felt being listed in series as if there may be a third.