Monday, November 26, 2007

My first day

I started my new job today, and I must say, it went very well.

I was greeted this morning by 3 growling Taco Bell dogs (they looked just like the one in the commercials). After a quick scolding from their owner, they settled down on their respective pillows. Joking about their security system, my new bosses, Jim and Diann were happy to see me.

Right off the bat, I got to take another tour of my new workplace. Several orders had come in within the half hour of their opening, and many supplies needed to be pulled from the shelves. I played shadow as I followed Diann around, grabbing bags of Saliva Ejectors and boxes of Lidocaine. Once all of the loot was gathered, it was time to learn the software that keeps track of all these parts.

I sat down with Diann, and she started to show me the ropes of the software. I have a lot of training in Quickbooks, thinking that if I learned that program, it'd take me far in my career. Of course, Dental Supply doesn't use Quickbooks - they use a program called DacEasy. It's a pretty simple program, that tracks all of the inventory and invoicing. A few of the commands are new to me, but the basics are pretty straightforward. After doing the few invoices for the orders we pulled, I discovered a shortcut that Diann didn't know about. At that point, I got to hear her brag to Jim about how I just taught her something new, and she was so happy I was there.

The day progressed with lots and lots of orders, boxing up orders, invoicing, receiving inventory, and showing my new bosses the joys of looking up how much postage an envelope would require on the post office's website. (The office is located less than a block away from the post office, but they were relieved that there was a way that would limit their time in line). Before I knew it, it was lunch time.

I had a very uneventful lunch, a drastic contrast to working at Pro Video. I'm used to my lunch being interrupted several times each day with phone calls and customers. Today, I was able to sit at a table and eat. That's all. I'm thinking I may bring a book to work with me, and take advantage of that time to catch up on the books I can't find the time to read otherwise.

The afternoon was just as busy. Lots and lots of things to learn. I think if I wore a pedometer today, I'd be pleasantly surprised with the amount of ground I covered in that office. There wasn't much sitting happening. In between showing me the ropes, Diann and I were able to chat some about our families. I learned that she and Jim have a daughter, son-in-law, and grandson in Florida, as well as a son that lives here in town. I also learned about what she bought all of her family for Christmas so far, and how she was so happy that Jim finished installing a new bathroom countertop and medicine cabinet over the Thanksgiving break.

I blinked, and my day was over. By the end of the afternoon, I was using DacEasy without assistance, and the dogs were begging me to be pet. I was complimented on how quickly I've picked up on things, especially for my first day. I left the office very encouraged in God's plan in this season of my life, and very confident in the decision to change jobs. I think I'll really be a big help to Jim and Diann, and serve them with the talents that God has given me.


Florence and Gary Deeter said...


Congratulations! It sounds like you had a wonderful introduction to your new job and that you fit there. We are grateful for your opportunity to experience this new adventure.

Gary and Florence

Dana said...

It sounds wonderful!!! I hope that God continues to bless you in your new job!!

Eric Deeter said...

I'm glad it went well. We all know how great you are. It's good to know that other people see it too.

Elan said...

What an incredible divine appointment!

Erin said...

God is sooo awesome. You are really on the right path and soo exciting!!! I see a big raise in your future!!! He He He