Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm looking forward to the holidays.

It's been a while since I've blogged anything. Michael has been really great at it, posting videos and pictures. I've been somewhat silent these last few weeks. I have no excuse for it, I just haven't taken the time to write.

This is the time of year I look forward to. I love the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been steeped with tradition for me. My side of the family hasn't always been tradition-filled. Up until the recent research done by my mom, I didn't even know the facts of my family tree. Thanksgiving and Christmas, however, were consistant each year. It was the time of year I felt closest to my family. It's the time of year I still look forward to, with new traditions.

Christmas, especially, was the most enjoyable for me. When I was much younger, Christmas Eve was spent with my extended family. My dad's siblings and my family would gather every Christmas Eve at my Grandma Thornton's house. We'd all exchange gifts (gift certificates to the skating rink were always my favorite), and have lasagna on the good China. The house would be filled with lots and lots of talking and sharing, and everyone got along. Keep in mind, we weren't a family that got together very often, so this was a real treat - especially for Grandma! I've come to appreciate how much she loved those times. When she got sick, it was around Christmas time. While she was in the hospital, my parents decided that it would honor her if we all had Christmas together. All of my dad's brother's were there, and we all shared a meal together. Shortly after the last guest went home, Grandma passed away. It felt as if she was waiting for us all to be together, one last time.

Now that I have a family of my own, I cherish the traditions we've come to enjoy. We still celebrate Christmas Eve with my family, carrying on the joy that Grandma started so many years ago. I'm blessed to have that gathering at my house now. All of my siblings, parents, and remaining grandparents file into our house, and we have lasagna. I now have Grandma's good China too. It's still packed up, waiting for a hutch, but it feels great knowing that I have momento of a part of my grandma's favorite evening.

Thanksgiving has it's own tradition now too. We travel to Kansas, to spend the weekend with the Deeter side of our family. After enjoying a nice meal with everyone on Thanksgiving, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I wake up the next morning before the sun. Somehow, JoAnn Fabric has become a tradition for us! We found out a few years ago, that they have amazing sales on the day after Thanksgiving, and if you don't get there early, you'll miss out. You'd be surprised at how busy a craft store can be! This has become an activity that I look forward to. We laugh at the seriousness of some shoppers, giggle at the thought of those who felt the need to wake up even earlier than we did, and come home with some really fun loot. We have a new addition to the family this year, which may affect the tradition a bit. Having a newborn may make it difficult for my sister-in-law to go shopping so early on Black Friday - but then again, he may help her wake up in time to get the great deals!

I'm especially excited for this Thanksgiving. I start a new job the Monday after Thanksgiving. It will be a whole new adventure! I'm sure this will be a year to remember.


Florence and Gary Deeter said...


You write superbly to illustrate how powerful traditions can be, fulfilling something deep inside us and, if done well, enabling us to pass on to our children not only the ritual, but the meaning behind it.