Thursday, August 23, 2007

Kernels Game

We went to see the local baseball team play on Tuesday... the Kernels.

It was hot and sticky.... well, at least it was sticky and about 80 degrees.

They won 6 to 1 versus the Burlington Bees (the KC Royals 'A-league' minor league team). I was excited to see some of the Royal's up-and-coming players like the speedy Derrick Robinson and tough-hitting Jeff Bianchi. I think that those two guys are the two most probable candidates to be called up next year. However, they didn't match up to my favorite Kernels players: Will Ortiz and Mark Trumbo who went 3 for 7 with 2 doubles and 3 RBIs. The Kernels outhit the Bees 13 to 4. I credit the Kernels pitchers for that: 9 innings, 6 strikeouts, 0 walks, 1 run. It was fun to watch.

We had lots of luck at the game:

  • Heather caught a Iowa Hawkeye t-shirt before the game even started.
  • Jacob got a foulball that bounced off the box seats above us in the 2nd inning.
  • Jacob got a Hamburger Helper t-shirt that was shot up from the air-canon on the field in the 4th inning.
  • Both boys caught special star-marked squishy baseballs that they took to the gift-shop to get an autographed photo.
Finally, the boys were selected to do the Chicken Dance on the dugout at the top of the 5th inning. You can see the video of their performance here (it was captured with my camera phone so it's pretty blurry - but it's all I had with me):

Because it was a school night, we had to leave at the 7th inning (it was already 9pm), but we had a good time and may try to squeeze one more visit this year.