Friday, August 31, 2007

Another season has begun...

Just when I think I might get a break from sports, another season begins. We had a very busy summer with all 3 of my guys in baseball. Michael coached the church softball team, Jake played in a pretty competitive league with his school, and Chris played PeeWee with Parks & Rec. Well, Jake's season ended, and that gave us a few free nights in the week. Then Chris' ended, and that was 2 more. Then Michael's ended, and that was the last busy night.

Now it's Football Season.

The boys have been talking about wanting to play football for a while now. I missed last year's sign up, and felt terrible about it. I almost missed this year's too, but with a phone call, I was able to get them signed up. Their practices started this week. To be honest, I wasn't sure how they'd do. They've never played before. All they really know how to participate in is baseball.

After their first practices, my doubts were squashed! Jake's first practice was a blast for him. Running, almost constantly, for an entire hour, seems to be fun. He smiled through the whole practice! He was counting down the days until his next practice!

And then there's Chris. Chris has never been a huge sports guy. He likes to play games, but as to watching, and sometimes participating, he can take it or leave it. When asked every year about baseball, he always wants to sign up, but is never really excited about it starting. Once he's in the game, he has a blast! It's never really been enough to get him riled up though. We've never "made" him go, it's always been his idea, but he's just never been as passionate about baseball as Jake always has been. Football, however, seems to be his game. He doesn't watch a ton, but he'll watch more football than baseball. He's been bugging me all summer about making sure that I sign him up for Flag Football. He wanted to play, no matter what! The week leading up to his practice was full of anticipation for him. Every day, he was asking me when his first practice was.

He had his first practice last night. Jacob had practice on the same night, starting a half hour before Chris'. Chris watched his big brother run drills, and was grinning from ear to ear. As we drove from Jake's practice to the park where Chris' practice was being held, he suddenly got really quiet. I was worried, thinking that maybe it was going to be like baseball again for him. Something he'll do, and have fun in the moment, but it won't really stick with him. I asked him if he was okay. He responded to me in a very dreamy tone, "I'm just thinking of what it will be like to be a professional Flag Football player." My worries flew right out the window with that single statement! He was actually looking forward to practice!

Once we got there, he was out of the car in no time, and with his teammates, tossing the ball. His coach got them all gathered up, and started practice. He ran and ran, pulled flags like that was his mission in life, and grinned the entire time. After running a drill midway through practice, he looked over to me and yelled, "Hey Mom! This is really fun!". Never had I heard that in the middle of practice before. I think Chris found his game!

The whole drive home, he was telling me the rules, and how to strategize in the game to make the play. He was even a little frustrated with a kid for not knowing the rules. I had to reassure him that coach would make sure all the kids know the ins and outs of the game. We got home, and he showered up, the whole time talking over the hiss of the shower about all the plays he made. He got out of the shower, and asked me, "When's my next practice?". Unfortunately for Chris, the next practice day is a holiday, so practice is canceled. Now he has to wait a full week before he can run plays again.

So now we're up to several nights being scheduled for sports. Both boys have practice twice a week, with game day being Saturday. Next week, Michael will start playing Fall Softball, so there's another night. I'm thankful that the boys all have fun, and are involved in activities that are good and healthy for them. I've seen their smiles, and that's enough for me to busy myself several nights a week!