Monday, October 1, 2007

Trend? We'll see.

Okay. A crazy wave of blogs have recently been posted by family members this week: from my Dad, my Sister, and my Aunt. I challenge them all to write often and continually... as that was and still is the challenge I made for myself when I first created our blog.

It's really cool to have a place to lay down some thoughts or opinions and (sometimes) get feedback, compliments or rejections by others that may or may not really care. That's the interesting thing about blogs.... in my opinion, I'd like to have our blog have three main aspects:

  1. A cache of notes and letters to family and friends
  2. A cooktop of thoughts and revelations about our life and local happenings
  3. Feedback and encouragement/rejection/opinions from readers
One concern that arose in some posts was the issue of blog privacy. Hmmmm... I'm not really that concerned about it. I don't think I'll be posting anything that will endanger me or my family on this blog. Most of our posts will include notes and stories about recent events with general information that only readers that know us would really understand. If someone could explain to me what the worry is, I'd be happy to try to understand why there's a scare.

One thing to help you with is the privacy option in the blog settings to "Add your Blog to our listings?" Yes or No.

(A Public blog appears in your Blogger Profile. If you select "No" we will not show your blog anywhere on, but it will still be available on the Internet.)

I'll be adding some more video soon. Since we got our new camcorder, I'm trying to keep up with the video that we capture. Once it gets too old, it seems too outdated to blog about them.

See you again soon.


Anonymous said...

Michael, I echo your thoughts about privacy. One of the bizarre things about the popularity of YouTube and FaceBook is the willingness of unknown individuals to break into the public eye. It seems to be a weird sort of exhibitionism for some of them. Blogs, however, seem to occupy a different genre or category--more like individuals wanting to share something they think worthwhile. From what little I know, I'm sure some bloggers are seeking notoriety, but many others have something they want to say that they think is important, so much so that national magazines now include blog reports in their print media. Back in the old days the private form of communicaton was letters, many of which were later published in books. (During our travels, we have listened to 5 books on Teddy Roosevelt, and each one includes letters written to family members.) It seems to me that blogs provide a semi-public way to share with others--especially family--what's going on in their lives. Grandpa

Dana said...

I will accept your little challenge!! I just don't feel like I have that many interesting things to say, but I will try! :)