Monday, October 29, 2007

Crazy Kids

I had the exciting chance to play flag football this weekend. A friend of mine plays on a league and they were short players... so I filled in. It was fun and exausting! I had my share of missed opportunities, but I also made some good plays that helped the team - I was most excited when I intercepted a pass at the 5-yard line and ran it all the way (way far away) - I mean a long, loooong way away to the our endzone to score my first-ever-in-my-life touchdown. I did a two-second dance and promptly collapsed on the sideline while a sub went in for me. I wasn't too usefull after that run.... luckily it was near the end of the game (the second one of a double-header) - we won 28-20. Yeah! But we lost the first game 20-24 and because of that loss, the team barely missed the playoffs for their league... so everyone went home with mixed emotions. I went home happy that I could still walk.

While I played, Heather chatted with some of the wives/girlfriends of other team members. What an encouragement that my wife would come watch me get run over by some rancid teenagers. Sure the average age of the guys playing was about 25, but I always seemed to be matched up to the 18 or 20 year old that could out-run, out-jump, and out-manuvure me. Man was I pooped!

Jacob and Chris had fun playing with a tree. Up and down they went - from bottom to the top and back down... multiple times. Christopher stayed at the top long enough afterwards for me to grab my camera an shoot a few pictures of him. He's a tree-climbing maniac.

In his own words:

"Don't worry Mom,

I'm a professional!"

Here's more photos:


Anonymous said...

Wow! Great weekend!! (I'm smiling the whole time I'm readying your blog.) Mom

Florence and Gary Deeter said...

Hey, I thought thirty-somethings could run all day, stay up late at night, and wake up ready to go the next morning. (Or does that apply only to teenagers?) Your account doesn't suggest that you might be slightly out of shape, does it?

Grandpa D

Michael said...

Perhaps "slightly".

I think the issue had more to do with the fact that open-field running is a bit different than running on a court. I've been playing racquetball 3 times a week for a year and have been playing softball every week since May. I think there's a bit of a difference between sprinting 30-45 feet at a time and running 30-100 yards at a time.

If that's denial about being out of shape - then so be it :)

P.S. The 100-yard touchdown run did come at the end of game 2 of a doubleheader. My legs are 60-minute legs - not 120-minute legs.