Friday, January 23, 2009

An interesting week.

Tuesday Morning (9:00 AM):
Heather had a second interview with the local CVB (Cedar Rapids Convention and Visitors Bureau)... she was happy with the interview and left it feeling encouraged. It seemed that they really liked her and expressed quite an interest in her availability. In Heather's words: "I nailed the interview". She's quite hopeful and has an expectation of a phone call with an offer.

Tuesday Morning (9:30 AM):
We receive a phone call that Heather's grandfather was not doing well at the hospital (he had had what was thought to be a mild heart attack and was hoping to go home in the next week). Heather got to the hospital in time to be with the rest of the family and he passed away shortly thereafter.

Tuesday Afternoon: (2:00 PM):
Jacob is doing well. His birthmark/AVM is shrinking... slowly. His doctor visit (with the plastic surgeon) revealed a plan of action - the action of waiting. He wants to see if the wound continues shrink - if it does we'll continue waiting. Our next appoint with the plastic surgeon is in less than two weeks. Once it stop shrinking, we'll schedule a surgery to remove whatever mass is left over. If it shrinks a lot then, hopefully, Jacob will be left with a scar a little larger than a quarter (and hopefully smaller than a 50-cent piece).

Funeral plans began. Heather's helping her mom and grandmother with some of the arrangments - as I'm sure her brothers are (as well).

It was Heather's last day at Dental Equipment. Awkward and a bit saddening. She will miss Diane - they became close over the past year.... but she is relieved that her time there is coming to a close.

Well, nothing out of the ordinary happened on Thursday. Chris and Jacob had some entertainment with their legos and the camera.

Chris is submitting his photo to a lego creativity contest.

Jacob is starting to learn the basics of photography. He's behind the camera (you can't see him).

Friday Morning:
Heather received a phone call from the CVB.... she got the job and starts on Tuesday. It's only part time (8:30am-12:30pm), but she's looking forward to the opportunity to be home when the boys are home from school. Moreso, she's excited to be working in a professional office environment. I think it will be a great oppotunity for her to finally receive some respect for her abilities and tallents.

The Visitation. When Jacob asked what the difference was between the visitation and the funeral, I didn't know what to tell him.... "I guess we'll find out together," I explained, "I've only been to a few funerals and never to a visitation." -- It was a bit less than what I expected; but nice.... quaint.... and peaceful. I hope the funeral service tomorrow goes as smoothly.

It's been quite a rollercoaster of a week.

I feel that I've left out some details... my brain isn't functioning 100% now-a-days. I've been overwhelmed with work with Corridor Recovery...

I'm trying to complete a project (coordinated) with the Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Task Force. Meanwhile, the state of Iowa just released funds (in the millions) to be available to landlords affected by the floods of 2008. As a partner with the city (of Cedar Rapids) we've already had online landlord registration available.... now we have an online applications. Things continue to roll foward... we've established ourselves as an organization that fills a gap wherever there is need. It's good to know that we're providing worth-while services; but it's tiring. Some needed rest is sure to come - I just hope it's soon.