Sunday, January 18, 2009

♪♫♪ Baby, it's COLD outside ♫♪♫

I'm sure the news has filled everyone in - but we've been dealing with some EXTREME cold temperatures. I follow one of the local weather guys on Twitter, and he posted this the other day: North Pole Low: -16 / South Pole Low: -18 / Cedar Rapids Low: -29. Is something wrong?

Yeah, it's been a bit chilly. :)

The boys haven't had much school this past week, they had an early out on Monday, a full day on Tuesday, and have been home the rest of the week. With the dangerous windchills, we've been staying inside. It's been great, and the boys have loved not having to go to school. It's been helpful for Jake's recovery as well (which is going GREAT!)

Here are a few snapshots from our frigid week:

Attack of the Nerf guns! Jake and Chris had fun with Jake's stocking cap and the velcro Nerf darts. :)

Jake making a grilled cheese sandwich and tomoato soup for lunch. :)

Chris making "Grandma Eggs" for lunch. (Grandma eggs are named after their Grandma Deeter who made them for the boys when they were little - known to others as "Birds in a Nest", it's a hole cut in the center of a piece of bread, and an egg cooked into that hole)

Even Shiloh got to have a little fun - despite being stuck inside. :)

As much fun as this week has been, I'm looking forward to the boys going back to school on Tuesday. We're ready to get back into our routine!

The high today is supposed to reach 23 degrees: HEAT WAVE!!!!


GrGrandpa said...

Bitter cold weather and we see the boys shirtless. Something seems strange about these pictures.