Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Boys' Concerts

This is a little late... here's the video from Christopher's 3rd grade class music performance (the first song only) from November 13.

Unfortunately, the boys had used up most of the battery on the camcorder without letting us know and we didn't get it recharged before the concert... so all we got was the first song :(

Jacob's 5th grade class performance is below. I've cut out most of the performance and included only the pieces in which he played.

He's doing really well with the trumpet and really enjoys band class... but I believe that's partly because one of his best friends also plays trumpet and they get to sit next to each other during class :)


Anonymous said...

gotta love getting somewhere with your video camera all ready to record and finding out the battery is dead. ahhh, kids~ ;) The pics they take of themselves to get that battery dead though, are worth it. hehe usually anyway~ luv ya