Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eavesdropping Mom....

The boys are on Spring Break right now, so it's no school all week. Thankfully, we have some wonderful friends who have stepped up and helped in the daycare of the boys while I'm at work. Today, they went to our neighbors, Chris & Erin's house. It was a beautiful day, so they were able to be outside most of the day. Even after I got home, they remained outside playing. I called them in at 5:00 tonight, to be greeted by a distinct little boys smell - a combination of cold sweat and mud. Being outside was heaven for them - especially after the long and terrible winter keeping them inside for so long.

On their way down the hall to the showers, both of them were very chatty about the good day they had. Christopher couldn't take the smile off his face! I love listening in to their conversations, just to hear how they interact with each other. Usually, they're making jokes, being silly, or just making random conversation. Tonight, I was extremely blessed by their conversation.

Somehow, the subject of being cool was brought up. Jake asked Chris, "Do you think I'm cool?"

Chris promptly replied, "Yeah, I think you're cool. Even though we fight sometimes, I still think you're a good brother. I'd love you even if you were a nerd, 'cuz it doesn't matter what's on the outside, just the inside."

Jake seemed very satisfied with the answer from his brother, because he replied with an "I love you too".

And then they went on to singing songs about bodily functions - all with sound effects.


Dana said...

That is SO SWEET!!! What a great thing to hear as a mom. Those boys are such great boys, and they will certainly grow to be great men. You and Michael are awesome parents, and that is so obvious with how good your boys are!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Florence and Gary Deeter said...


Your descriptions of your boys' activities and conversations are delightful--realistic as well as poignant.

GGrandpa D

Elan said...

One of the joys of parenting is listening to these kinds of conversations between siblings. I have heard similar conversations between our boys, and sometimes their wisdom is amazing. I think parents can learn a lot from their children.