Thursday, September 13, 2007

Semi-Deep Thoughts for Thursday

I find myself to be a deep thinker at times. Not all the time, but sometimes. Something will be said or I'll see an event, and it gets my gears turning.

I was dropping Jake off at school this morning, and we were talking about how he's seen some teenagers do some really dumb things. There is a group of teenagers on our block who like to skateboard. It's a very stunt heavy activity. Jake witnessed one of them jumping off a ramp and going down over a 5ft retaining wall. Even at age 9, you know that's not a safe activity! I made a comment to him that I'm praying that he and Chris will be wise teenagers. I am truly praying for that. I want them to have the balance of having fun as a kid, but also not breaking any bones, morals, or even laws.

I dropped him off at his school, and watched him walk into the building. At that moment, I realized how scary it is to be a mom. I'm responsible for teaching this child how to become that wise teenager, that responsible adult. I'm still trying to figure out life myself, and I'm responsible for teaching life to my kids! Yikes!

I remember when I was growing up, I thought all adults had everything all figured out. Now I'm the adult, and I know the truth. We don't have things figured out. We're flying by the seat of our pants! I'm amazed at how each day, we're learning who we are, what we were put on earth to do, and how to glorify God in this life. I'm thankful for the lessons that God has taught me already, and I'm thankful that I've been able to impart some of those lessons to our boys. I'm thankful that as they grow, I'm growing too. I'm thankful that I don't have to have all of the answers now, that as I pray for wisdom for them, I'm praying for myself at the same time. I'm most thankful that God loves my boys, and that He'll guide and lead them into being the amazing men they are to become.


Anonymous said...

Awesome thoughts Heather. If we thought our parents had most of the answers, then our grandparents must have known even more, afterall, they were old! Now, as a grandma, I'm still searching for answers and sometimes I don't even know the question.