Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A nice night to go to a park

Michael had to work late tonight, so the boys and I took the opportunity to use a gift certificate for a local restaurant that I had won on a radio contest. The restaurant is right here in Marion, and I've heard of it, but had never eaten there.  The food was okay, nothing really spectacular.  We were thankful that our gift certificate covered the whole meal however.  I wouldn't have felt comfortable paying for it.  We'll just leave it as a place that was nice to try, but we won't go back.

Next to the restaurant is a park that the boys and I had been to several times.  This is the main park in Marion where a lot of festivals are held.  Whenever we go the crowds are so big we don't get a chance to just "sight-see".  It was a beautiful night tonite, so after dinner we walked over to the park to check things out closer.  There is an old caboose there, that the boys have always wanted to look at, but didn't have the opportunity.  I let them have at it tonite!  Thankfully, my phone takes decent pictures, so I was able to capture a few shots (you can click on the pictures to enlarge them):

This picture cracks me up - Jake is serious in the foreground, and Chris is in the background doing his best "Vanna".


Brenda Deeter said...

looks like a fun night!

GrGrandpa said...

Good pictures. The one of Jacob steering the caboose is impressive. Land ho!